5 Positive Things That Can You Learn From Spongebob

Edited by admin on May 16, 2023

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Remember when SpongeBob used Squidward’s clarinet to unclog his toilet? Although it was hilarious, SpongeBob did not lie about it. He simply went over and owned up. That’s the first thing we can learn from him. We all make mistakes, some intentional and some unintentional, but we need to own up and be ready to face the consequences.


Already a classic story that Squidward hates SpongeBob. For Squidward, Spongebob nothing more than a box of yellow creatures noisy, cumbersome, and always bothered him. Have you dislike even up to hate your coworkers? Let's try to think together, in a position like that, are we like Squidward or Spongebob. Spongebob never once turning to hate Squidward although often not well treated by him. I've watched the episode where Squidward suddenly in distress to have nowhere to stay. Amazingly, with Spongebob voluntary offer to stay with him and take care Squidward Squidward. One more thing you can learn from Spongebob is a crime not only be overcome by evil. Perhaps your coworkers often makes you upset and never good to you. However, why have you reply with the same thing? A little kindness else you can actually present for him.


There are times in the office there is a friend to confide in you at an inopportune time. Perhaps you yourself were a lot of problems but instead must listen to stories your friends. Let's consider the uniqueness Spongebob another. Spongebob is a good friend. Of course you know the inseparable duo SpongeBob and Patrick. Where there Spongebob there is Patrick. You can learn from the sincerity of friendship built Spongebob. Never once Spongebob left Patrick alone in the problem. There are episodes where Patrick will be the arrival of her parents and she was confused about how to meet them. There Spongebob gladly take the time and volunteered to help Patrick, but in the end Spongebob distress separately in an effort to help Patrick. It helps you also learn to take a moment at the office if only to listen to confide in a friend. Is not it a great honor when you trusted a friend to share the problem?


SpongeBob works as a cook at the Krusty Krab fast food restaurant belonging to Mr. Krab. Mr. Krab's own notoriously stingy on employees. There are interesting things that I have correlated with the daily work. Squidward appear half-hearted work at the Krusty Krab. For her work as a cashier there is not the best dream and it made him hated his job. Not to mention Mr. Krab very stingy in terms of salary. In each episode is presented always portrayed Squidward is not sincere in the work. It is very overturned by Spongebob is always cheerful at work. She never half-hearted work though often deceived by Mr. Krab power. Spongebob so loved his work and sincere in serving customers. For him there is nothing better than the happiness of the customer after eating the food. Reflecting on this, how often do you complain about your salary while the higher work load? One might question you must answer as well: have you worked 100% for the company? If one already, believe nothing wasted in a hard job.

5. SPONGEBOB unyielding

Ever see a scene where Spongebob repeatedly failed to pass the driving test? Interestingly is that Spongebob himself never gave up for a repeat test. I do not know how many hundreds of times she has always failed, but never any test he missed. Spongebob always gives his best effort every driving test although the results are not always satisfactory. It could be in your boss's office demanding a lot of things from you. Your report lacked detail, lah, lah less than perfect job, and a myriad of other sky-high demand. Many times you may also feel unable to meet the expectations of your boss and sometimes feel like giving up. If necessary, might as well resign. Have just a moment thought that it could be your boss that just makes you become more skilled? The unconscious is precisely boss was trying to slowly raise your class. So, learn from Spongebob. Do not give up even if your work is very complicated. Sometimes the process is much more valuable than the results.

Turns Spongebob although only a small creature who became the main character in a cartoon were able to open the eyes of many things. I hope you can take some positive value of what is stated above. Work was exhausting, saturation was reasonable. However, not until you are in the most darkest point up so there is no spirit in the workplace. Sometimes you just need to see some things, which almost never're aware of its existence, and you will learn many things from there. Perhaps you can start by watching