5 Ways To Reduce The Impact Of Global Warming

Edited by admin on Apr 23, 2023

Perhaps the title of the above cases is that most have to watch everyone in the world because this is a case of hidden but very scary to face the world today. Global warming is a natural phenomenon and is characterized by the increasing average temperature of the earth's atmosphere due to the effects of greenhouse gases. Increased global warming will have a major impact on the earth among them, that rising global temperatures, rising sea level and the water in the extinction of various animals on earth.

Well now how to cope with global warming that is not sustainable and makes getting worse. There are so many ways that we can do to reduce the effects of global warming that is not getting worse and make our earth crumble slowly.


This is probably the easiest way to do by us but are very heavy to be carried out. This is because we are very lazy to move around and use our bodies just to plant trees. But this is probably one of the most powerful ways to reduce the impact of global warming. Because the tree proved to be a strong suck carbon dioxide gas and especially if we plant trees bamboo plants will suck up carbon dioxide four times stronger than regular trees.


Remember firmly above thoughts in our minds, because this is one of the major causes affecting the global warming because we put on one sheet of paper means that we have cut down the fruit trees. Begin now to reduce the use of paper for example, use paper as efficiently as possible and print the one of the paper if the paper can be used as a back and forth.

3. Frequently BIKE RIDE

Bicycles are the most secure and transportation is very convenient and very easy to use. And in this way we can use to reduce emissions of pollutants that have a lot of 'floating' on earth. If can cut back the use of motorcycles or cars to work and start a little bit using the bike and in this way also will reduce congestion.


In the United States, the use of plastics has been banned by the authorities for this to be one of the causes of global warming are most influential. Because the plastic if you want outlined in the soil take up to 1,000 years and this is a very long time for us. Because of this we start from now reduce the use of plastic, if it could be possible you have to wear a plastic bag which may be used for a long time eg natural fiber cloth or plastic bag that has not been soiled.


Currently electricity is increasingly expensive. It may also be one of the tactics the government to reduce the impact of global warming (maybe). If we again traveled turn off unnecessary electricity, or conserve sparingly-savers possible to use electricity. And also do not often open the fridge too often because a lot of room in the refrigerator contains refrigerant that can damage the ozone layer in this bumi.Jadi possible way to overcome possible precisely to reduce the symptoms of global warming. Actually there are many ways that perhaps we could do to reduce it. Hopefully we can start right now to do that, because the longer the earth's ozone layer we will decrease and this will be our life on earth into a panic and disturbed. Because if we do not start now, like when? (Rei)